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Thank you to our customers who have written such wonderful words about us.  We pride ourselves on the level of customer service and digital magnifiers we provide. Being a small business the hurdle that we come across is spreading the word about who we are and what we do for the visually impaired.

We are so grateful to those who have spread the word and welcome any comments and feedback.  It is so lovely to hear how our digital magnifiers have changed peoples lives.

Please take a couple of minutes to tell us how our digital magnifier have helped your loved one.

"I am not sure how many years my mother has depended upon her devise( at least 6 yrs. ) but it is truly her eye to the outside world. She can look at her bank statements, important letters and especially the TV guide! We honestly cannot thank you enough and hope that you will always be there to provide these invaluable products."

Shireen & Ellen Steers

"I recently bought a Mouse with a screen from you and last week I also purchased a Maggie. I want to say thank you for these marvellous aids which have made such a difference to my ability to access print. The two devices are absolutely wonderful. Thank you most sincerely." - R A McGregor, Glasgow.

I see Mr W every 6 months he has moderate macular degeneration and every time he see me, he tells me the story of his best Christmas present ever.....when his son bought him a Maggie. He says that this little magnifier has changed his life. He always has a tear in his eye when he tells the story. Steven Salik, Optician.

I have been the Aids and Equipment Officer with ESAB for the last 3 years. Over that period I have always found Bierley to be extremely helpful and a company providing value for money. Many of our members have purchased the MonoMouse as it's simple to use and doesn't take up too much space. Many of our members have "down sized" and space is important. Whenever I have asked to try any item, I have always been met with an open and helpful response. My contacts have always been friendly and understanding of ESAB's members needs. Bierley help to make things possible for Sight Impaired People.

Steve Saunders, East Sussex Association of Blind & Partially Sighted People

I am an Eye Clinic Liaison Officer providing information and support to patients in two hospitals in the north east of England. I regularly demonstrate the MonoMouse to our patients and am always impressed by the reaction patients have to the little magnifier they can use through the TV set. The MonoMouse is very useful for people who want a little bit more than a hand held magnifier. In addi- tion the Customer Support is excellent. Dawn, Eye Clinic Liaison Officer.

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, for the fast delivery of the MonoMouse. It arrived on Thursday at 7.30am and I was reading a letter at 8.00am. I've read a newspaper for the first time for 2 years." - Mrs. Watterson

"As an LVA specialist I have no hesitation in recommending Bierley products for their simplicity of use and effectiveness in improving a patients quality of life." - Dr Roisin Mackie, Mackie Opticians, Bothwell

"The television range of magnifiers are popular with our clients. They are simple to use, effective and affordable. The MonoMouse can be trialled either at the Oxfordshire Association for the Blind or at the Oxford Eye Hospital low vision clinic."
Rasmeet Chadha, Oxfordshire Association for the Blind

"The Bierley range of magnifiers has grown in strength and diversity. Not only are they excellent quality products but affordable too - an important factor for many of my patients." - Jane Macnaughton, Specialist Optometrist and Low Vision Practitioner, Leicester Royal Infirmary

"The MonoMouse has been a godsend to me. I cried when I first tried it because I could see to read." - Mrs. Nicholls

"I have dealt with Bierley for several years now, I have found the Company's products are consistently of high quality manufacture and extremely reliable in use and operation. The customer service support is fast and knowledgeable, with excellent communication at all levels. " - Richard Brunt, H Dickinson Opticians.

"It makes a refreshing change to have something new that we can offer our members, offering an alternative in magnification technology and the "Maggie" is just that. In this instance size does matter! It is small, neat and compact and the range of magnification means that it can help even those with very limited sight. "Maggie" is modern by design, making it attractive to both the young and the old. It is easy to carry and simple to operate. " - Roy Newman, Central Services Manager, Sight Support Derbyshire

"I find the Bierley range of electronic magnifiers extremely useful for demonstrating to patients in my low vision clinics. They are versatile and cost-effective and I recommend them to many patients who need higher magnification than more basic devices will provide." - Martin Rubinstein, Department of Ophthalmology Leicester Royal Infirmary.

I've had my ColorMouse for almost 2 months and I'm beginning to wonder how I managed without it. It is so easy to use and comfortable to hold too. I'm considering purchasing one to use with my lap-top when I attend meetings. Being on a housing associations customer board requires a lot of reading, including very detailed spreadsheets and financial reports, I now don't dread these landing on door mat. Many thanks for such a wonderful product shame I had to wait until I was in my 60's for such a thing to be invented. Mandy Buckley (Mrs)

"I think all patients should be made aware of electronic magnifiers and the Bierley range meet the needs and the pockets of most."

Bill Harvey, Director of the Low Vision Clinic, City University, London

"Bierley have provided us with equipment on loan to demonstrate to service users. This has worked very well, and service users have found the equipment to be excellent. The MonoMouse especially continues to be very popular with our service users. The service and support from Bierley has been first rate." - David Lewis, Richmond upon Thames Social Services.

"I have had huge success recommending the Bierley range of products as they are affordable, good quality and simple to use even for the technophobic VI patient." - Joy Myint, Visiting Lecturer and Research Optometrist, City University Visual Impairment Clinic, London

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