How you found us?

Bierley  is the de facto standard for eye care professionals in the UK who are helping people to read beyond a normal glass magnifier. Most people find us through visually impaired societies, hospitals, opticians or local authorities. Each of these usually have a product to demonstrate but its also not unusual for them to simply hand you a leaflet or our website if they are busy.

Who are you?

Most of the people that visit this site are friends, relatives or neighbours of the person who needs the device. We have been doing the same thing for over 15 years and we are very familiar with how our customers are helped by the people who care about them. We talk with hundreds of people a week just like you on the phone or via email and promise we can help, so don’t hesitate to call (0800 0430 282)or email ( if you have questions.

Typical customer


Can I try before I buy?


Just tell me which product I need!

From the ground up the products have been designed to be used by the elderly who might not have any experience with technology. Our focus is on making the products extremely easy to use and help people to read again in minutes.

Most of of customers are aged 75+, but they range from 7 years old all the way to 107 (seriously!). Also the majority have Macular Degeneration but of course our products will help anyone who requires magnification to read.

The majority have never used “technology” before, however they know how to switch on a kettle or turn the TV on. So assuming your friend, relative or neighbour can turn on the kettle they should be able to read using the products :-)

YES! We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all product bought online or over the phone (0800 0430 282 / 01664 480549). You can try the products in the comfort of your own home for 30 days risk free (just return via post within30 days to get a refund).

There are really only 4 choices-

1. MonoMouse/ColorMouse - This connects to your existing TV and allows you to read in comfort at home. Anything thats under the Mouse is magnified on to your TV.
2. KitchenMouse - The same premise as above but instead comes with its own 12 inch screen. This is ideal for those who want a dedicated screen in a fixed location, most likely a kitchen.
3. Maggie - This is a 5 inch portable product that is designed to be carried around. This is ideal for someone who still has usable sight and only needs a small amount of magnification.
4. MonoMouse-Win/Mac or ColorMouse-Win/Mac - This is UNIQUE in the market and allows a user to read using their existing PC or Mac. Again the premise is the same: anything under the mouse is magnified onto the screen (using supplied software). You can even zoom in and out.