Are there advantages to being blind?

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I always enjoy thought provoking comments and questions. A lot of people don’t! Take the Berkeley, California riots last year, there was a very strong protest and damage to property because some people simply didn’t want somebody else’s voice to be heard. Views and opinions run strong on both sides.

So, are there any advantages of being blind? I think so.

Take this morning for example. I looked out of my kitchen window while sipping a cup of freshly brewed Yorkshire tea and saw a 2 foot long snake relaxing alongside my garage door. It was in exactly the place where we walk in and out. Of course if the door had opened the snake might have slid hastily away from our house. On the other hand he/she or it may have slithered merrily in as a most welcome retreat from the scorching sun.

In this particular case, the benefit of being blind is I wouldn’t have seen the snake. I could have continued enjoying my cup of fine Yorkshire tea. I am of course talking about the genuine, original Yorkshire in what we call the north of England. Although my tea was made with Silicon Valley water, one can still reminisce about the flavour as though sitting in a small cafe near The Shambles.

Back to the snake. The benefit of still having 20/20 vision is that I clearly saw the snake, although I wish I hadn’t! Possibly the snake was more afraid when I went outside to confront it, but by the way how my knees were trembling I think I was more afraid that is was. I am a strong believer in mind over matter, and while I am confident it was a harmless Gopher and not a poisonous Rattler, it takes a bit more mettle than I have once the snake started to hiss and head straight for me. I got out of the way. Fast!

Personally, I’m very happy that I still have good vision, although my glasses are becoming more frustrating as the years go by. Sometimes I can’t clearly focus with them on, and I can’t clearly focus with them off. Oh well, never mind.

This morning though, I can honestly say vision impairment would have been great. I would not have seen that snake and my entire day would have remained calmer.

Finally, the question remains; where is the snake right now? It disappeared under a trim on my house wall. Has it found a way in? Might it be heading upstairs to hide under my bed or should I just be positive and assume it has slithered away to the nearest patch of ground cover?

Mark Statham