Independence despite low vision

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You should not accept the statement that nothing can be done about low vision, the fact is that you can do something about it. People with low vision can improve their quality of life through low vision services that will teach you how to use the remaining vision more effectively. Many older adults feel low vision is a part of ageing that they have to accept but is possible to remain independent when living with low vision, never assume that you cannot perform a task because of vision loss. Life will be different and adjustments will need to be made.

Simple changes

Often simple changes in the home along with the use of low vision aids and proper organisation can allow people with a visual impairment to live as they want and deserve to. It is much easier to start to use low vision aids and continue to use them. Ideally you should start using them when you don’t need a lot of magnification, such as the Bierley Maggie portable magnifier which is very versatile for use in the home and when you are out and about shopping. Some top tips are-

  1. Adjusting the lighting within your home, an elderly person requires nearly three times as much light as a 20 year old, a person who is visually impaired will need even more lighting. Use daylight lamps and daylight specific lightbulbs, bringing the light closer to the task you are completing with portable lamps will provide the needed light without causing glare.
  2. Reduce glare as glare can reduce vision further and cause eye fatigue. When reading do not sit in the window and use the correct lighting as mentioned above. Place the lighting behind you and amber and yellow tints help to reduce any glare.
  3. Enhance the contrast most people with a visual impairment see better if objects are black and white. All of our digital magnifiers are designed with this in mind. Simple things like using white cups for drinking coffee will make seeing the liquid level easier. Label your white kitchen appliances with coloured stickers so you can identify the programmes on your washing machine, dishwasher etc.
  4. Most importantly take some time to learn how to use your chosen digital magnifier. It is very common for people to take it out of the box turn it on and because it is new and feels foreign to read with a magnifier, instantly make the assumption it is not right for them. Ay new piece of equipment needs some getting used to and practice until it feels like second nature, then you will not be without it!

All of our digital magnifiers come with a 30 day money back guarantee when you buy, or you can borrow with no contract. We recommend using them for a couple of weeks before trying others in our range to find the one that suits you the most. Call us on 0800 0430 282 for advice, or visit us at

Mark Statham